New Intel Report States: Malaysia Flight MH370 Flew to Pakistan (Video)

Let’s not be so fast to believe the latest spin coming out of Malaysia. There’re way too many unknowns unanswered questions. I’ve spoken to retired fighter pilots, read accounts from active airline pilots and others. This article makes the most sense. WAKE UP!

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Malaysia Airplane 1
Photo courtesy of: Gateway Pundit

by, Lignet | h/t Gateway Pundit

As the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 drags on without a trace of wreckage at sea, the likelihood of foul play looms larger. One country keeps rising to the top of the list of suspects: Pakistan.

Ten days after the flight vanished, LIGNET learned that engineers at Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer, believed the missing aircraft was on the ground in Pakistan. For several reasons, including al-Qaeda’s presence there, historical attack patterns, corruption, weakness and terrorist sympathies at the highest levels inside Pakistan, that hunch may be right.

The absence of wreckage suggests a planned diversion, the kidnapping of 230 passengers and obvious ill intent.

Lt. General McInerney and Intel Group With Source Inside Boeing Stands By Report – MH370 Flew to Pakistan

If Flight 370 has indeed fallen into the hands of al-Qaeda, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement potentially…

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